Latest Magazine Is Out

The latest edition of DocRN is now published.

The August 2023 edition is in the post to those who order a hard copy, and also available for download for those who prefer that.

Only members can see the magazine, and they get three editions per year.

The magazine is a mix of news about The Association, Royal Navy medical and general news, and articles from you the members and other sources. Reviews always say it is an interesting read.

Content this edition is;

President’s Address
Chairperson’s Remarks
National Executive Committee
NEC Vacancies
Membership Secretary’s Report
Money Matters
Regional Groups’ Reports
His Majesty The King
London Calling
One Sailor And His Patients
Origin Of The Name Syphilis
A Life On The Ocean Waves
Political Correctness
Mast Manning
Bighi From Naval Hospital To Trade School
The Neil Robertson Stretcher
Sick Bay Rationing
Slops (Association Shop)
Veterans in Crisis – Urgent Help Advice

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