Royal Victorian Order Medal

Royal Victorian Order 

The RVO is a British honour given by The Queen to people who have served her, or the Monarchy as a way of rewarding personal service to her. The Order was created in April 1896 by Queen Victoria. Today, people receive their award either privately from The Queen or another member of the Royal Family, or during an investiture.

Often, and on a State Visit, the Queen will invest people in the country visited before returning to the United Kingdom. The British Ambassador and others who have helped the Visit may be rewarded, as can foreigners, and it is often awarded by the Sovereign during official tours overseas. Many members of the Royal Family have been given the award, along with many other recipients, who include servants of The Queen, who have served the Monarchy for many years.

The motto is Victoria alluding to the society’s founder.

In order, the ranks are (representing different levels of service):

  • Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GCVO)
  • Knight or Dame Commander (KCVO) or (DCVO, for women)
  • Commander (CVO)
  • Lieutenant (LVO)
  • Member (MVO)

Royal Victorian Medal 

The Royal Victorian Medal was set up at the same time as the order. It is for personal service to the Sovereign or the Royal Family, and as a mark of royal esteem. Although the Medal is related to the Royal Victorian Order, it differs in appearance and in the way it is worn. The Medal is given to civilians and non-commissioned military personnel, often to people who have worked for the Sovereign for a long time.

Author’s Note:  The following list is of those medical staff who have received the award and relates mainly to service onboard HMY Britannia. However, of specific note it is believed to be a rare award when given to a rating, as opposed to an officer (ie PMO). Most MO’s who were QHS and/or QHP or in a senior position such as MOIC were so appointed. **

Article by Les YEOMAN, National Vice Chairman of the Royal Naval Medical Branch Ratings & Sick Berth Staff Association (RNMBR & SBS) and an ex CPOMA.
It is hoped to update this article should additional information be subsequently received. Anyone with such information are invited to contact myself (contact details within the Doc RN magazine)


  • Mr Eric BIRBECK – ** information supplied by Eric BIRBECK.
  • Wikipedia – History of…..
1947RVMUnknownCPOSBA(P)HMY Britanniafor attending King George V on South Africa Tour 1947
1953-56MVOBURGESS P.G.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1954-62RVMMASON A.W.SBPO(P)HMY Britannia
1957-59MVONICOL A.P.M.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
LVOBLACKLOCK N.J. (Sir)Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1959-62MVODALGLEISH D.G.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1962-64MVOHAUGHTON J.M.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1965-73RVMSCUTT K.I.R.CMT(N)(P)HMY Britannia
1964-66LVOO’CONNOR A.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1968-70MVOLAWERENCE-OWEN J.R.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1970-71LVOSNOW R.E.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1973-75MVOGILL J.B.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1977-78LVOLAMMIMAN D.A.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1978-80LVOGOMALL J.B.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1981-83LVOSWAIN D.L.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia
1991-95MVOBIRBECK E.C.CPOMA(O)HMY BritanniaMVO Awarded for Personal Services (New Year 2007) to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for maintaining medical and pharmaceutical support to Her Majesty and Prince Charles when travelling abroad. 1995-2006.
LVOMcNEILL-LOVE The Hon R.M.C.Surg Cdr PMOHMY Britannia