Apply For Membership

To join The Association, read ALL the notes below and then complete the ONLINE FORM HERE and then send payment either by bank transfer (preferably) or a cheque (instructions below). Membership will commence once payment has been cleared.


Any serving or retired person who has served as a rating in the Royal Naval or Royal Fleet Auxiliary Medical Services (Regular or Reserve) shall be eligible to apply for membership. This includes service as a Sick Berth Attendant, Medical Assistant, Medical Support Assistant, Medical Technician, Medical Services Officer/Wardmaster, QARNNS, Naval Nursing Auxiliary Service, Voluntary Aid Detachment (RN) or WRNS Sick Berth Attendant.

  • FULL – £13 – Any person who qualifies for membership (see above) can join as a FULL member at the present rate of £13 per year (see payments below).
  • OVERSEAS – £20 -If they reside overseas, and wish to receive the magazine in hard copy by post, then they join as an OVERSEAS Member, and their annual fee will be £20 to cover the extra postage.
  • JOINT – £13 – If both applicants are eligible for Full Membership (as above), are partners/married, and reside in the same house, then they can apply for JOINT Membership at a cost of £13 for both. One applications for each person, but ensure that both application forms contain the name of the other person. Joint members receive one copy of the magazine between them if they request a printed copy.
  • ASSOCIATE – £13 (or £20 if overseas and want printed magazine) – Primarily for the partner of a deceased FULL Member but may include other special circumstances as approved by the NEC upon application.
  • LIFE – Bestowed by the committee, life members pay no annual fee and may receive the magazine by post if they wish.


Don’t forget to complete the application form as well as arrange payments.

Standing Order is preferred, but you can select to pay each year, by the 1st January, by Bank Transfer (BACS) or send a cheque. JOINT accounts, arrange for one payment covering both members, from either member, and it will be credited to both memberships.

  • STANDING ORDER – Set up a standing order to pay the subscription on the 1st January each year to the bank details below. Use your full name as the reference. Ensure that payment for the initial year has been sent.
  • BANK TRANSFER – Send your payment to the bank detailed below, use your full name as the reference. Ensure all following years’ subscriptions are paid by the 1st January. PUT YOUR NAME AS THE REFERENCE WHEN ORGANISING YOUR PAYMENT
  • CHEQUE – Send a cheque for the subscription amount, made payable to Royal Naval Medical Ratings & Sick Berth Staff Association, to D Grist, Hon. Membership Secretary, 3 Alveston Avenue, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 3BH. Write your full name on the reverse of the cheque, and remember to pay each year by the 1st January.

ACCOUNT NAME: Royal Naval Medical Ratings & Sick Berth Staff Association
SORT CODE: 30-93-56
REFERENCE: Use your name as the reference so we can identify you.


(If you prefer, you can download an application form and send it by post with your payment. All details are on the downloadable and printable form. To get the Downloadable form, CLICK HERE.)